Watch Out Festival

Get set for the return of Cambridge Junction's festival of 'dangerous' theatre

If you like your art and theatre edgy, the chances are that you already know about Cambridge Junction’s Watch Out festival, a one-day mix of shows and experiences that returns on 27 May.

If you’re more of a conventional type, then the wide range of options is bound to inspire and invigorate, as some of the country’s leading artists explore new and dangerous ideas in theatre, dance and installation pieces.

This year’s works encourage audiences to explore, see and engage with their local surroundings in new ways, whether it be the city itself, the community, family, strangers or the wider world. There are world premieres, a UK premiere, previews and more new work.

Highlights include 24 Hour Radio Local, a new interactive radio project by performance duo Hunt and Darton. The day-long exploration of what it means to be local will be performed and edited outdoors, live from Cambridge Leisure Park, and broadcast live on Cambridge 105.

Performance artist Jamal Harewood presents Word, which gives you the option to become a contestant or host an audience-led game show, with words to the fore.

Watch Out producer Daniel Pitt said: “I’m proud that over the past three years (four if you include its predecessor, the 24-hour Night Watch) the festival has been an opportunity to support and present a really wide range of innovative new performance projects happening in all kinds of spaces around Cambridge Junction and the city.

“The year-round theatre and dance programme is always contemporary and unusual, so Watch Out is a chance to take things that bit further, whether that’s in theme, format, style or duration.”

Other performances and experiences include Play Cambridge Now or Never!, a geolocation app created by Cambridge and Ely artists Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford which invites users to interact with city sites in new ways, and Mothers, a new dance piece which closes the festival in a messy, sticky and ferocious way, courtesy of London-based choreographer Frauke Requardt.

There are three free drop-in projects and seven paid-for shows throughout the day, with a super-handy festival pass available at just £20 or £15 for concessions. 

What's on and when

Free drop-in projects

24 hour Radio Local

Starting at 12pm, Cambridge Leisure Square: What is local about this place? Over 24 hours, performance duo Hunt and Darton will get to the heart of it, in a takeover of Cambridge 105’s airways.

Play Cambridge Now or Never!

All day: A site-specific geolocation app that prompts you when to play.

Warning Signs

All day, around the J2 building: A series of posters and signs by Hester Chillingworth which playfully use the phrase ‘watch out’.

Seven shows for £20 (£15 con)


15-minute slots from 12pm to 8pm, The Hub: An experience for two strangers created by Anna Brownsted. Splitter is the next track on the album of your life.

How to Survive a Post-truth Apocalypse

1pm, J3: Join Francesca Beard (right), your sham-shaman, through a wonderland of lies, fiction and Wikipedia ‘facts’. Explore make-believe in its many forms.

Bi-Curious George and other Sidekicks

2.30pm, J2: A collaboration between Lucy Hutson and her dad Addrian; they play their family tensions for laughs, with sincerity.


4pm, J3: Urban Foxes Collective’s funny, inventive piece about fear and the future.


5.30pm, J2: Is “it’s not what you say, but how you say it” really true?

The Voice of Nature

7pm, J1: The stage becomes an arena for playing in Tim Spooner’s large-scale ‘performed sculpture’.


8.45pm, J2: A relentless, ferocious, yet tender dance that addresses all things ‘mother’, from Frauke Requardt.