Banff Mountain Film Festival

Fab short films from the great outdoors will feed your appetite for adventure 

Indulge your spirit of adventure with a visit to the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, which stops by in Cambridge for two dates on 28 February and 20 April.

Showcasing the world’s most intrepid explorers, exciting journeys and mind-blowing locations, the exhilarating selection of short films is selected from hundreds of entries into the prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival, which is held each year in the Canadian Rockies.   

“This is the first time we’ve topped 100 shows in the UK and Ireland, which is really exciting!” says Tour Director Nell Teasdale. “We guarantee the tour will inspire viewers to start planning their own outdoor adventures too.”

Programme highlights for the 2018 event include The Frozen Road, which tells the story of Yorkshireman Ben Page embarking on a solo cycling journey in the Canadian Arctic. Beginning with romantic visions of perfect solitude, the film tracks the highs and lows of his extreme adventure in -30°C temperatures, pushing him to the limits of physical and mental endurance. 

Into Twin Galaxies, meanwhile, follows three top adventurers on an extreme mission in Greenland. Venturing into the dazzling wilderness using kite skis, the trio tow their white-water kayaks 1,000km over the Greenland Ice Cap to reach the northernmost river ever paddled – and then the challenge gets even tougher.  

The screenings take place at the Corn Exchange, and tickets for both dates are £15.75 (different programmes shown at each date).