Circus of Horrors

For their 21st anniversary, the act bring their 'Never Ending Nightmare' tour to Cambridge

Way back in 2011, The Circus of Horrors wowed the Britain’s Got Talent judges with their thrilling freak show of an act, fire-breathing, sword-swallowing and aerial acrobat-ing their way into the nation’s hearts.

They’re currently celebrating their 21st anniversary with The Never Ending Nightmare tour, which promises an edge-of-your-seat journey into a twisted Alice in Wonderland-style horror story filled with bizarre, beautiful and brave acts.

As they themselves sum it up: “If Quentin Tarantino had directed Cirque Du Soleil then you would be only halfway there.” Not for the faint of heart, expect the unexpected at this impressive and unique production, which plays at the Corn Exchange on 29 January.

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets start at £24.75.