Image: KHOR II by TAAT

In Your Way brings participatory outdoor arts to the city on 8 and 9 September, on a mission to bring people together, provoke conversation and leave a lasting impression on the residents of Cambridge.

Presented by the Junction and produced by Other Ways (a new Cambridge-based collaboration between artistic director Daniel Pitt and executive director Sarah Crompton), this unique event features a ‘do it together’ building kit for a large-scale wooden theatre pavilion, KHOR II, dreamed up by Theatre as Architecture, Architecture as Theatre (TAAT).

Over the course of a day, volunteers from the local community will work together to build the structure, which can subsequently be used for performances, cultural activities, and as a platform to redesign their community. In Your Way will be asking participants how they might want to change their city, and how the arts might help. 

Image: Hello Hollow, by Julian Hetzel

KHOR II will be at Christ's Pieces, which also hosts two other of the five experiences. Hello Hollow, by Julian Hetzel (11am to 6pm), takes the form of black foil human-like creations that rest on park benches, while Can I Help You?, by Rhiannon Armstrong (11am to 3pm), offers free help, with pens, mints, rubbish bags, change for a tenner, an umbrella, paper, hammers, nails, needle and thread and much more available from a friendly helper.

Pence Sterling is a site-responsive intervention by Cambridge-based American artist Anna Brownsted at Quayside. Using a no longer wished-in fountain, 100,000 pennies will be depoisted in it.

Why? To discover what will happen to them over the weekend. Any coins found in the fountain on 10 September will be donated to Wintercomfort.

Somewhere along the river you'll be able to find Flow, by Caroline Wright. It's part of her year-long residency on the River Cam, called To The River. Flow takes the idea of the river as a moving entity, with a line of performers along its route in the city. They'll transfer a token of the river via a tide of human hands... from foot to punt to bike to boat. 

For more details, see Ruthie Collins' Arts Insider piece for September here and check out the website below.