The Ghost in Me at the Leper Chapel

A study of what haunts our everyday lives and the past comes to Cambridge's oldest building

What haunts our inner lives and personal histories? What is uncanny in the voice, or in our response to sound? Cambridge's environmental theatre group in situ: brings a revised and redrawn version of the ghost in me indoors to The Leper Chapel, after part 1 premiered at Wandlebury Country Park in the summer.

Performed in the 12th-century Leper Chapel, Cambridge's oldest complete building, on Newmarket Road, on 29, 30 November and 1 December, the ghost in me: ghost histories and everyday hauntings evokes a parallel, ghostly world that mixes up the forgotten, the remembered and the once hoped-for.

Director Bella Stewart says: “We are all haunted, often willingly, by things from the past — our own and that of others — that we hold onto and which somehow help to make us who we are. There are memories, images, stories we carry around and they might be reassuring, mysterious or unsettling. The company returns to explore the hauntings of history private and public.

“Picking up faint and fading voices, flickering pictures, fragile reconstructions, the chapel becomes an echo-chamber, a light-box, a cathode-ray tube. 

“the ghost in me - part 2 catches up the ghosts in our laughter, our remembered fears, the way we sit, the way we listen, the way we comfort each other."