Act with in situ: theatre

Chance to take up (or start again) acting with Cambridge theatre group

Want to push yourself a little and perhaps find talents you never realised you had? Trying acting, whether for the very first time, or after a long break, can lead to a wide range of benefits.

What briefly may seem to be a test can lead to a sense of accomplishment in many ways, as Richard Spaul, artistic director at Cambridge theatre company in situ:, explains.

“We’ve been helping people learn to act for 20 years and have worked with hundreds of people; some absolute beginners, some aspiring professionals and some experienced performers looking to learn new techniques.

“This term we’re working on Shakespeare and focusing in particular on his drama of political intrigue: Julius Caesar. We’re welcoming anyone who wants to work with us to the project – whether they have any previous experience or not. And for anyone who gets the bug, there will be an opportunity to perform in one of in situ:’s high-quality and professionally-directed ensemble productions in the summer.”

Working with in situ: is fun, stimulating and involves plenty of enjoyable challenges, in a supportive environment. Richard has been acting, directing and teaching for more than 30 years and recently performed a solo performance of Hamlet.

The course is on Mondays at 8pm, from 21 January to 18 March, at St Andrew’s Hall in Chesterton. Richard will also be running a storytelling weekend on 16 and 17 March at the same venue. It’s ideal for actors and storytellers of any level of experience but equally anyone who simply wants to learn how to tell stories grippingly and well; so teachers, parents and those who have to present as part of their job.

Anyone looking for a more intensive course might try the Theatre and Landscape residential week in early September, led by Bella Stewart, in situ:’s other artistic director.