Collusion 2019

This Image: TEO by Henry Driver & Barbara Dougan © Collusion 2019

We find out what’s in store at Collusion 2019, a series of immersive artworks in Cambridge that explore our relationship with emerging technology 

Explore the intersection between art and tech this month at Collusion 2019, a thought-provoking new public art exhibition that investigates our relationship with emerging technology. 

Taking place in the outdoor square next to Cambridge Junction from 12 to 22 April, this unique offering takes the form of six interactive artworks housed in specially designed pavilions. The installations were commissioned by Cambridge-based arts and technology organisation Collusion and span theatre, music, dance, sculpture, film and animation, incorporating a variety of new technologies. 

The brief was to explore the impact of technologies such as artificial intelligence, data culture and augmented reality on society, and the results include a multi-narrative film driven by music and AI, a mysterious memorial to the 21st century that broadcasts eerie messages excavated from the blockchain, and a party set in a 2030 home hosted by a virtual assistant. 

“Collusion is once again showing how digital technology can help artists to challenge audiences in new and engaging ways,” says Amy Vaughan from Arts Council England. “It is exciting that so many people will have the chance to experience these installations.”

Participating artists were selected in November 2017 from more than 120 applicants, and subsequently took part in a 12-month research and development programme supported by Collusion, working with technology and innovation partners Cambridge Consultants and Arm to explore relevant ideas, themes and technology.

“Over recent years we’ve seen the emergence of highly sophisticated ‘deep’ technologies that hold world-changing potential and significant social impact,” explains Richard Traherne, project sponsor and chief commercial officer of Cambridge Consultants.

“We’ve provided experts from disciplines  ranging from user experience to artificial intelligence to collaborate with Collusion to help explore these implications and prompt artistic reflection and debate. We’ve found the project fascinating – an unusual combination of technical and artistic perspectives examining the potential of technology, resulting in art that’s accessible to a broad audience.”

Collusion 2019 is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm; Sundays noon to 5pm.