Find your fitness match

What exercise suits you best for the new year?  

4th Dimension and Flextone

What is it? High-quality dance training for adults in various styles including Commercial, Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary. 

Where is it? Classes are run all over Cambridgeshire with brand new venues opening this year.

Is it for me? If you want to learn challenging choreography in a welcoming, friendly environment, then yes! Enjoyable for all abilities, these classes are designed to push advanced dancers whilst never leaving behind the beginners in the room and can be a great way to improve your fitness and confidence while listening to some of your favourite tunes.

Also keep an eye out for brand new Flexitone® classes opening this month in and around Cambridge, focusing largely on flexibility, whilst toning the whole body. A unique exercise class, featuring elements of yoga, dance, barre and Pilates in an upbeat setting.

Cambridge Bootcamps

What is it? Female-only fitness bootcamps which consist of a 45-minute
full-body, outdoor workout. Sessions take inspiration from Tabata training (EPOC), CrossFit and Kettlebells.

Where is it? Histon Road recreation ground, Parker’s Piece and Cherry Hinton Hall park, with sessions every day in the early morning and evening.

Is it for me? If you want a positive, supportive environment to realise your fitness goals – even if you can’t remember the last time you worked out – this could be for you. Cambridge Bootcamps’ six-week transformation programme ‘Evolve’ is currently on offer with a 20% discount. It’s the perfect programme to get fit, tone up and lose weight, and includes unlimited weekly sessions, coaching and support, plus a nutrition programme and guaranteed results or your money back.

((Bounce)) Bodyfit

What is it? A workout performed on a mini trampoline. 

Where is it? Cambridge Dance Studio (at Madingley Windmill). Classes every day, times vary. 

Is it for me? Bounce your way to fitness at these fun-packed sessions which feature warm-up, cardio and body conditioning sections and are designed for all ages to enjoy. There’s oodles of scientific research to support the benefits of trampoline-based workouts, in fact NASA even called it “the most effective exercise yet devised by man,” due to the extra gravitational force that the trampoline pad adds. Benefits include firming and toning of muscles, increased metabolism, strengthening of the heart, increased oxygen capacity, weight loss, improved balance, and increased energy. The sessions last one hour and focus on simple moves which can be made easier by bopping along, or tougher by jumping harder! Expect tunes blasting out, excitable and friendly instructors and a whole lot of fun.


What is it? Bringing a night out to your workout, Clubbercise is a dance-based fitness class using easy-to-follow routines.  

Where is it? Cambourne Fitness & Sports Centre, Wednesdays at 8.10pm. 

Is it for me? Glow sticks, disco lights and party anthems – this is the perfect workout for you if you love cutting some shapes and traditional gym workouts and aerobics classes bore you. It’s set in a dark room so you can dance like nobody’s watching while getting yourself a tip-top workout that blends simple aerobics, toning and club/street dance moves with high and low impact options to suit all abilities.

Roller Derby

What is it? A fast-growing sport, roller derby is a full-contact game played on quad roller skates. Our local team is the Cambridge Rollerbillies. 

Where is it? The team train at Kelsey Kerridge (Sundays), Cambourne Fitness & Sports Centre (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), and Chesterton Sports Centre (Fridays). 

Is it for me? If you want to become a whizz on roller skates – even if you’re currently like Bambi on ice – meet a diverse group of people and get aggressive on wheels, this is your dream sport! As well as being seriously good fun, roller derby has great cardiovascular benefits and helps to develop balance, coordination, strength and power, serving as an efficient full body workout. The Cambridge Rollerbillies are hosting a meet and greet on 21 January at Kelsey Kerridge sports centre, offering a chance to find out more about the sport, watch the team practice and ask any questions ahead of their next beginners course. Find out more by searching Cambridge Rollerbillies on Facebook.