Top family activities for August

Fab activities for the month ahead for the family 

30 July-3 August Knights and Princesses

Little ones can live out dreams of being a knight or princess at Audley End House this month. Polish armour, dust off tiaras and learn how to play the part, thanks to courtly experts who’ll pass on skills in heroic chivalry and eloquent etiquette. It runs from 30 July to 3 August, and is free for English Heritage members.

2 August Centre for Computing History  

For kids fed up with siblings and pesky parents coming into their room – Bug your Bedroom is just one fun workshop at the Centre for Computing History this month, on 2 August. The next day, find out more about Elliott, the oldest working computer at the centre, and on 5 August there’s a chance to build a MyZ80 computer, based on the Z80 chip that Sir Clive Sinclair used to drive the ZX80, ZX81 and Spectrum in the 80s.

On the 10th and 29th Rachel’s Robots introduces you to the newest staff member, ‘Jennifer’, there’s a musical code workshop on 15 August, Build a Pong Console on the 23rd, and if you want to make music with carrots – and why wouldn’t you? – Conducting Carrots is on 30 August.

8 August Nature Yoga 

Connect with nature at the Botanic Garden on 8 August, when eight to 11 year olds have the chance to take part in an outdoor yoga session. Practise different poses and learn how your breath gives you energy, while doing a secret garden visualisation too! It starts at the Schools’ Garden and runs from 11.30am till 12.15pm. Tickets are £5, normal admission for adults.

1 September Stourbridge Medieval Fair at the Leper Chapel

Stourbridge Fair, dating back to 1199, was once the largest medieval fair in Europe – and on 1 September you can step back in time for a taster of its glory days at The Leper Chapel on Newmarket Road. With stalls, historical re-enactments, pedlars and alchemists, the fair opens at 12pm in the traditional way. There’s nowhere better in Cambridge to soak up the past from the ground up than The Leper Chapel, Cambridge’s oldest complete building, which is normally closed to the public. Medieval singing, costumed dance, storytelling and history talks will feature. Free, runs 12pm to 4pm.