My favourite table: Lucy Lowe

Lucy Lowe, co-founder of The Cambridge Distillery, gives her top tips for eating and drinking around the city 

What’s your favourite place to eat in Cambridgeshire?

I love Parker’s Tavern: Tristan’s menu seems to cover every sort of occasion whether I need a working lunch, dinner out with friends or a date night. And I can’t get enough of the truffle risotto!

You’re having a night in: where are you calling for takeaway?

It’s normally Thai, either from Mai Thai on Parker’s Piece (I’ve been eating there since the building sold pancakes!) or Sala Thong on Newnham Road. And if we’re ordering in, then it’s got to be a green Thai curry for me: comfort food that’s still flavoursome and fragrant.

Where do you like to shop for ingredients?

The Histon Chop Shop is fantastic: Mark, the owner, is a great source of advice and is always ready to help if Will and I are making something slightly more adventurous. Their sausage rolls are superb, but I’m also a fan of their steaks: sometimes you just can’t beat a rib-eye...

What do you love about the Cambridge food scene?

I love how it’s changed and matured over the past few years: watching local businesses grow and evolve from trading in vans to bricks-and-mortar operations is just so exciting – especially when you’ve supported them throughout. We have some truly dedicated individuals working in the food scene in Cambridge and it’s genuinely really thrilling to be a part of it.

What would you like to see more of?

I’d like to see more seasonality in the food and drink offerings in Cambridge. It’s a big part of what we do in the distillery and I appreciate the sensitivity and tactility required to stay synchronised with, and reflective of, your environment rather than sticking to one unwavering path.