Vegan Vice Club at Ta Bouche

Vegan burgers at city centre cocktail spot

They caught our eye with their popular weekly stall at Cambridge Market, and now Vegan Vice Club have announced that they’ll taking over the kitchen at city centre nightspot Ta Bouche, where you’ll be able to feast on their awesome plant-based burgers every day of the week.

With bright, 1980s-tastic branding and a promise of burgers so good they’ve got the power to turn you vegan, the outfit is run by cousins Connor and Tommy. “We know there are a lot of vegans in Cambridge but there isn’t really a vegan ‘vibe’ like we have seen in other cities – especially London”, explains Tommy. “We just want to hit it in a completely different way that hasn’t been done before. We don’t hold back from anything and our food looks so convincing that we easily bridge the gap for those wanting to journey into the vegan world.” 

They create perfect patties using top quality ingredients, twice-frying the vegan ‘meat’ for a perfectly crisped exterior, and slathering on homemade sauces. Bestsellers include The Peanut Butter BBQ, with a 1/4lb soy-based Viceburger™, peanut butter barbecue sauce, melted vegan cheese, onion rings, sweet pickles, purple slaw and fresh salad sandwiched in a toasted brioche bun. You might also want to get your chops around the insanely delicious-sounding Truffle Shuffle: a TenderCrop Chick’n Fillet™ made with seitan, served with truffle mayo, slaw and melty cheese. You can also pick up sides including sweet potato fries and crispy-fried Crop Chick’n Tenders with lip-smacking dipping sauces. 

“A big part of our offering is that we back our food enough to always call over meat-eaters who are tempted by the food but put off by the fact it is vegan”, says Tommy. “Vegan virgins (we joke) always rave about our food tasting just as good, if not better than the meat counterpart – which is the best thing about all of this. We are trying to promote the movement relentlessly so we love winning over meat-eaters and breaking any stigma attached to veganism. A lot of them can’t tell the difference between our food and their meat-based counterpart in any case!” 

Vegan Vice Club will be flipping burgers at Ta Bouche daily from 12pm-9pm, alongside the usual cocktails at Ta Bouche.