Lucy at 35

Vegan and gluten free café to open in Ely

New fab fruity sweet treats and delicious savoury bites are coming very soon to Ely, when vegan cafe Lucy at 35 opens on 21 April.

Gluten free too, it’s not just aimed at vegans, but hopes to tempt anyone whose thought about plant-based food to try it.

Chef Lucy Andrew, 24, adopted a GF lifestyle when she was 15. “Lots of my family and friends now follow a gluten free or vegan lifestyle,” she says. “We share recipes and tips, which is fun, as it can lead to trying new recipes.”

The new café, at Forehill – open every day except Mondays – will serve up everything from peanut and banana porridge, smoothies, wraps including a Mexican bean option, risotto and noodles, to sweet stuff such as marshmallow and peanut butter rice crispy squares. Sounds yum!

Look up Lucy at 35 on facebook.