Cambridge Cookery commits to zero waste

Bistro to cut out leftovers

With around a million tonnes of food being thrown away by UK hospitality and food businesses each year, one local eaterie has adopted a radical approach to combating food waste. Cambridge Cookery & Bistro, located on Purbeck Road, joined the ‘Taste Not Waste’ campaign run by the Cambridge Sustainable Food network to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and as a result, has now become the city’s first zero waste café. 

In order to achieve zero waste, owner Tine took a unique approach, making a decision to become the hub for locally grown, organic produce which was about to become waste or pig feed. By taking in tens of kilos of (great quality and organic, but no longer absolutely fresh) produce and adding it to CCS’s existing waste, it allowed her chefs to create 30 cooked meals each week for Jimmy’s Homeless Shelter. Additionally, the team works closely with a number of charities and schools in Cambridge, hosting fundraising events and donating food to people in need. 

For more info on the ‘Taste Not Waste’ programme, visit the Cambridge Sustainable Food website at