Chocolate & Guinness 'Palet d'Or'

There is a combination of techniques here which combine to create a stunning cake. The sponge is rich with a noticeable bitterness from both the cocoa powder and the stout whereas the cream filling is light and sweet.

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Recipe: Som Tam

This flavoursome and spicy Thai salad makes a great light lunch or side dish

There is a little bit or preparation involved in making this dish, mostly the chopping of vegetables but once they are prepared it is extremely quick to throw together. If you have a pestle and mortar use that to pound the ingredients together and really open the flavours. Alternatively, an enthusiastic stir in a large bowl will do the job. The quantities are deliberately vague - the whole idea is to make the salad to your tastes. You should be able to find the more exotic ingredients on Mill Road.

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