Wonky Disco Winter Alfresco

A winter outing for Lola Lo's rooftop party

Have you joined the party up on the roof of Lola Lo’s yet? Wonky Disco have hosted a series of guest list only, daytime events over the bank holidays during the summer months, playing house and disco for a (very) up for it crowd. They’re planning a special winter edition of Wonky Disco on 27 December – which we reckon is perfectly sandwiched in between Christmas and New Year and exactly when you’ll be in need of a good night out! Don’t worry about the cold, as we’re promised that the terrace will be kept nice and warm at the ‘Winter Wonky Wonderland’ – give or take a few snow machines that is. The line-up includes Stuart Banks, Mr Frosty and Margaret Scratcher (pictured). Hit the dancefloor from 3pm on 27 December.

See Wonky Disco on Facebook for more details.