DJ Format & Abdominal

Hip hop veteran DJ Format and his rapping sidekick Abdominal are swinging our way on 23 May for a gig at Cambridge Junction. Hailing from the UK’s south coast, Format is known for his sample-heavy, funky style which borrows heavily from early-days hip hop of the late 80s and 90s.

While he’s been on the scene for a lot longer, he really made a name for himself in the early noughties with the release of his debut album, Music for the Mature B-Boy.

Since then, he’s become known as a pioneer of the genre and established himself as one of the country’s top hip-hop producers, collaborating frequently with Canadian MC Abdominal.

The pair are on tour together once again in support of Still Hungry, their first full joint album. Doors are at 7pm and tickets are £14.